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A Large quay side warehouse facility with 964.69 m2 storage facility and mezzanine level with 215.06 storage and a fork lift as well as a crane for lifting stores makes this ideal for multipurpose businesses including ship suppliers to replenish stocks of food and beverages, deck and engine-room equipment, ropes, equipment for tackling emergencies at sea as well as other gear and spare parts for ocean-going ships. There is an on site supervisor for security and maintenance.

The facility provides for a high quality and speed of cargo handling for any cargo company. With its outstanding links to the North Sea and Great Yarmouth it is especially notable for the varied range of logistics services for imported and exported goods of all types.

There are another five storage units in the “North Stores” area of our North car park each consisting of varying size storage for rental:

North Stores 1 with 5.41 m2 storage

North Stores 2 with 17.31 m2 storage

North Stores 3 with 11.02 m2 storage

North Stores 4 with 11.32 m2 storage

North Stores 5 with 23.31 m2 storage

Warehousing and Stores